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Do things travelling in Myanmar

  • Do say “Mingalarbar” when meeting someone, use  “U” in front of men names and “Daw” in front of women names;
  • Do let the oldest be served first;
  • Do offer articles with both hands and keep both feet on the ground;
  • Do bend slightly in front of the elders;
  • Do dress and act decently, speak slowly and clearly;
  • Do ask permission before taking photographs

Don’t things travelling in Myanmar

  • Take off your shoes when you are at the religious places (Removing headwear is not necessary).
  • Treat Buddha images or statues with respect.
  • Shaking hands is not necessary in Myanmar.
  • Don’t hug or kiss in the public of Myanmar
  • Don’t step over any part of the person, it is completely considered rude.
  • Accept or give things with both hands from or to monks, nuns and novices.
  • Don’t point your finger at the Pagoda or person, it is considered rude.
  • Don’t play music loudly near the religious area or monastery because monks are not allowed to listen music.
  • Don’t touch the Buddha images or statues and sacred relic objects.
  • Show respect to the monks, nuns and novices (even they are the children).
  • Sit lower than monks, nuns, novices and elders.
  • Don’t offer food to a monk, nun or a novice after noon time.
  • A woman should not touch the Buddha image or statue and monk.
  • When you visit to the Myanmar homes, most of the Myanmar people do not wear shoes in their homes. So take off your shoes when visiting.
  • Carry toilet paper in your bag if you visit with a train or an express bus.
  • Please leave a donation when you visit at the religious places if possible.
  • If you buy some expensive objects, make sure it comes with an export permit.
  • Show respect to everyone, they will show respect to you. (Myanmar people are friendly, helpful, honest but proud.
  • Don’t touch the adult on the head.
  • Don’t eat food sale at the street vendors.
  • Don’t drink tap water.
  • Drink only Bottled water and drinks that are not opened.
  • The oldest person will served first.
  • If you want to eat Myanmar traditional food, go to decent restaurants in Yangon because they cook Myanmar traditional food according to international standards.
  • If you walk in front of the person who is senior than you, lower your head a little to show them your respect.

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Currency Exchange

These rates are from Central Bank of Myanmar

Updated at May 21, 2019, 2:30 pm

  • MMK ( 1 USD ) 1,541.3
  • JPY ( 100 yen ) 1,399.1
  • THB ( 1 Baht ) 48.317
  • AUD ( 1 Australian Dollar ) 1,060.1
  • EUR ( 1 Euro ) 1,718.3

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